Edexcel International GCSE Physics Student Lab Book

Edexcel International GCSE Physics Student Lab Book

Editorial: Hodder

ISBN Digital: 9781510451308

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  • Contents
  • Core practical 1_ Investigating the motion of everyday objects
  • Core practical 2_ Investigating how extension varies with applied force
  • Core practical 3_ Investigating how insulating materials can be charged by friction_
  • Core practical 4_ Investigating the refraction of light using different blocks and prisms
  • Core practical 5_ Investigating the refractive index of glass
  • Core practical 6_ Investigating the speed of sound in air_
  • Core practical 7_ Investigating the frequency of a sound wave_
  • Core practical 8_ Investigating thermal heat transfer
  • Core practical 9_ Determining density of solids and liquids
  • Core practical 10_ Determining specific heat capacity_
  • Core practical 11_ Investigating magnetic field patterns
  • Core practical 12_ Investigating the penetration powers of different types of radiation
  • Core practical 13_ Investigating how current varies with voltage in wires, resistors, metal filament lamps and diodes
  • Core practical 14_ Obtaining a temperature–time graph to show a change of state_
  • Key equations
  • Key terms