Edexcel International GCSE Chemistry Student Lab Book

Edexcel International GCSE Chemistry Student Lab Book

Publisher: Hodder

Digital ISBN: 9781510451292

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  • Core Practical 1_ Investigate the solubility of a solid in water_
  • Core Practical 2_ Investigate paper chromatography
  • Core Practical 3_ Determine the formula of a metal oxide by combustion or by reduction
  • Core Practical 4_ Investigate the electrolysis of aqueous solutions_
  • Core Practical 5_ Determine the approximate percentage by volume of oxygen in air
  • Core Practical 6_ Investigate reactions between dilute hydrochloric and sulfuric acids and metals
  • Core Practical 7_ Prepare a sample of pure, dry hydrated copper(II) sulfate crystals
  • Core Practical 8_ Prepare a sample of pure, dry lead(II) sulfate_
  • Core Practical 9_ Investigate temperature changes accompanying various types of reactions
  • Core Practical 10_ Investigate the effect of changing surface area and the concentration of acid on rate of reaction
  • Core Practical 11_ Investigate the effect of different solids on catalytic decomposition
  • Core Practical 12_ Prepare a sample of an ester_
  • Key equations
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