Cambridge IGCSE Biology (Teacher's Guide)

Cambridge IGCSE Biology (Teacher's Guide)

Publisher: Collins

Digital ISBN: 9780008383237

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  • Contents
  • Introduction
  • Matching chart to syllabus
  • B1. Characteristics and classification of living organisms
  • B2. Organisation and maintenance of the organism
  • B3. Movement in and out of cells
  • B4. Biological molecules
  • B5. Enzymes
  • B6. Plant nutrition
  • B7. Human nutrition
  • B8. Transport in plants
  • B9. Transport in animals
  • B10. Disease and immunity
  • B11. Gas exchange in humans
  • B12. Respiration
  • B13. Excretion in humans
  • B14. Coordination and response
  • B15. Drugs
  • B16. Reproduction
  • B17. Inheritance
  • B18. Variation and selection
  • B19. Organisms and their environment
  • B20. Biotechnology and genetic engineering
  • B21. Human influences on ecosystems
  • B22. Exam-style questions mark scheme
  • Suggested teaching sequence
  • Scheme of work