English Literature for the IB Diploma

English Literature for the IB Diploma

ISBN: 9781510462977
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Unidades didácticas
  • Contents
  • Introduction
  • Section 1. Readers, writers and texts
  • Chapter 1.1 Why and how do we study literature?
  • Chapter 1.2 How are we affected by literary texts in various ways?
  • Chapter 1.3 How does language use vary among literary forms?
  • Chapter 1.4 How does the structure or style of a literary text affect meaning?
  • Chapter 1.5 How do literary texts offer insights and challenges?
  • Chapter 1.6 In what ways is meaning constructed, negotiated, expressed and interpreted?
  • Section 2. Time and space
  • Chapter 2.1 How important is cultural or historical context to the production and reception of a literary text?
  • Chapter 2.2 How do we approach literary texts from different times and cultures to our own?
  • Chapter 2.3 To what extent do literary texts offer insight into another culture?
  • Chapter 2.4 How does the meaning and impact of a literary text change over time?
  • Chapter 2.5 How do literary texts reflect, represent or form a part of cultural practices?
  • Chapter 2.6 How does language represent social distinctions and identities?
  • Section 3. Intertextuality: connecting texts
  • Chapter 3.1 How do conventions and systems of reference evolve over time?
  • Chapter 3.2 How do literary texts adhere to and deviate from conventions associated with literary forms?
  • Chapter 3.3 In what ways can diverse literary texts share points of similarity?
  • Chapter 3.4 How valid is the notion of a 'classic' literary text?
  • Chapter 3.5 How can literary texts offer multiple perspectives of a single issue, topic or theme?
  • Chapter 3.6 In what ways can comparison and interpretation be transformative?
  • Glossary
  • Notes on the activities
  • Acknowledgements
  • Index

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