Cambridge IGCSE Co-ordinated Sciences. Teacher's Guide

Cambridge IGCSE Co-ordinated Sciences. Teacher's Guide

ISBN: 9780008383305
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Didactic Units
  • Cover
  • Contents
  • Introduction
  • B1 Characteristics of living organisms
  • B2 Cells
  • B3 Biological molecules
  • B4 Enzymes
  • B5 Plant nutrition
  • B6 Animal nutrition
  • B7 Transport
  • B8 Gas exchange and respiration
  • B9 Co-ordination and response
  • B10 Reproduction
  • B11 Inheritance
  • B12 Organisms and their environment
  • B13 Human influences on ecosystems
  • C1 Principles of chemistry
  • C1.1 The particulate nature of matter
  • C1.2 Experimental techniques
  • C1.3 Atoms, elements and compounds
  • C1.4 Stoichiometry
  • C2 Physical chemistry
  • C2.1 Electricity and chemistry
  • C2.2 Energy changes in chemical reactions
  • C2.3 Chemical reactions
  • C2.4 Acids, bases and salts
  • C3 Inorganic chemistry
  • C3.1 The Periodic Table
  • C3.2 Metals
  • C3.3 Air and water
  • C3.4 Sulfur
  • C3.5 Carbonates
  • C4 Organic chemistry
  • P1 Motion
  • P1.1 Length and time
  • P1.2 Motion
  • P1.3 Mass and weight
  • P1.4 Density
  • P1.5 Forces
  • P2 Work, energy and power
  • P2.1 Work
  • P2.2 Energy
  • P2.3 Power
  • P2.4 Energy resources
  • P3 Thermal physics
  • P3.1 Simple kinetic molecular model of matter
  • P3.2 Pressure changes
  • P3.3 Matter and thermal properties
  • P3.4 Measurement of temperature
  • P3.5 Thermal processes
  • P4 Properties of waves, including light and sound
  • P4.1 General wave properties
  • P4.2 Light
  • P4.3 Electromagnetic spectrum
  • P4.4 Sound
  • P5 Electricity and magnetism
  • P5.1 Simple phenomena of magnetism
  • P5.2 Electrical quantities
  • P6 Electric circuits
  • P6.1 Circuit diagrams
  • P6.2 Series and parallel circuits
  • P6.3 Electrical energy
  • P6.4 Dangers of electricity
  • P7 Electromagnetic effects
  • P7.1 Magnetic effect of an electric current
  • P7.2 Force on a current-carrying conductor
  • P7.3 The d.c. motor
  • P7.4 Electromagnetic induction
  • P7.5 The a.c. generator
  • P7.6 Transformers
  • P8 Atomic physics
  • P8.1 The nuclear atom
  • P8.2 Radioactivity

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